Make a Transit Warranty Claim

Claim Eligibility Check

Please answer the following questions to confirm whether the consignment you are claiming against meets the requisite criteria to be eligible to claim under our Transit Warranty
Terms and Conditions.

Was the consignment covered by a pre-arranged Transit Warranty with StarTrack?*
Were the goods consigned in accordance with StarTrack’s Terms and Conditions of carriage?*
Claim forms must be submitted within 14 days of the reported loss of consignments, and within 7 days of receipt for damaged consignments. Does your claim fall within these timeframes?*

Transit Warranty

Extra peace of mind for your valuable or easily damaged consignments.

We endeavour to provide the most secure freight service possible. Our handling, loading and driver security protocols are industry best practice, ensuring your freight is in safe hands.

Even so, when sending consignments that are easily damaged or particularly valuable, you may want the extra peace of mind offered by the StarTrack Transit Warranty.

Available as an adjunct to all our products, it offers competitive rates and peace of mind. So if you do need to claim, there’s no back and forth and no delays.

To make a claim you can complete and submit online, or you can download the Transit Warranty Claim form and: