About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Group Health and Safety Policy

StarTrack is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our workers through our vision of ‘Zero injuries, Zero harm to anyone, and Zero tolerance of unsafe acts or workplaces’. We will support safety as a shared value by making safety the first consideration in every action taken and making safety integral to everything we do. Click here to read the Group Health and Safety Policy.


Corporate Social Climate change is a global issue and we understand that we have a role in tackling the impact our organisation, staff, and customers have on the environment.


Greening our Supply Chain


As Australia's largest express freight carrier, we provide our customers with an unparalleled service that balances speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness. But its delivery must work in harmony with our goal to minimise environmental impacts.


For StarTrack, innovation, smart technology, unbeatable service and responsible environmental management are all part of our strategic goal. We have learned that improving efficiency and working 'greener' go hand-in-hand and together can positively impact our people, our customers and our planet.

Our Goal


StarTrack is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and to demonstrating environmental excellence to our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the communities in which we operate. Our Environmental Management Framework includes energy and resource use, emissions and waste management, and we aim to meet and exceed our goals in all these areas. 


Our Environmental Program 


Accordingly, we operate our business with consideration for its impact on the environment. Our corporate responsibility ranges from the building, maintenance and operation of our facilities, to the maintenance and operation of our fleet, to the conservation and recycling of our precious resources. 


Fleet Management


The StarTrack fleet comprises more than 3,000 vehicles and trailers, and delivers over 1.2 million parcels across Australia every week. Managing it effectively is an enormous task that requires extensive preparation. Careful planning of delivery routes is undertaken to avoid unnecessary territory overlap and minimise the amount of time spent idling in traffic.

StarTrack is also a founding member of the Green Truck Partnership in NSW. This is a collaborative initiative developed between the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority and the road freight industry. Click here to read more on the Green Truck Partnership in NSW. 


Largest fleet of Hybrid Trucks


Testament to our commitment to the future of the environment is our partnership with Fuso to roll out Australia’s largest fleet of Next Generation Hybrid Electric Trucks in 2011. These vehicles boast the latest in Lithium Ion battery technology, have the ability to drive under electric power and have a much smaller diesel engine. In high-density traffic, these vehicles reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and greenhouse gasses by up to 30 per cent.


The results of first quarter testing have shown that the hybrids consistently achieve fuel savings above 30 per cent, each vehicle saves 6.2 tonnes of CO2 per year – which results in annual savings of over 150 tonnes of carbon for the 25 vehicles.

Our Buildings


Emissions from our facilities also contribute to StarTrack’s environmental footprint. We continuously work to identify and implement energy saving initiatives in our sorting systems, air conditioning and lighting.


As part of this commitment, StarTrack took part in the Blacktown Solar City project. The project consortium worked with business, Blacktown City Council and the local community to rethink the way energy is generated and used.


Click here to watch the Blacktown Solar City, Business Energy Efficiency Program animation.